SafetyNet Wireless Lifeline Plans in Kentucky

Free Cell Phone Service Kentucky

SafetyNet Wireless is a proud carrier of Lifeline and ACP plans that include free cell phone service and a free government smartphone in Kentucky. Eligible customers can take part in this program simply by applying for Lifeline right here at Safetynetwireless.com. The free cell phone service includes free monthly calling, free unlimited texting and with the addition of The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), eligible customers are also eligible to receive free unlimited internet access as well. The combination of the free cell phone service and free monthly broadband service is to ensure that everyone in Kentucky has access to cell phone coverage and internet in case of an emergency. We also believe that everyone should have access to contact friends, family and the workplace wherever – whenever. You can simply click the sign up button below to see if you qualify!

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Free Phone Service for Low Income Kentucky Residents

Getting a free smartphone and free cell phone service may sound too good to be true, but if you qualify, it’s literally as simple as just signing up and we send you your new phone and coverage information absolutely free. How do you know if you qualify? The Lifeline and ACP plans are designed to offer free phone service for low income Kentucky residents, while also offering a free government phone to Kentucky applicants as well. The easiest way to tell if you qualify prior to submitting an application is if you or a person in your household is already enrolled in public assistance programs in Kentucky, such as Medicaid, Veterans & Survivor Benefits, food stamps for low income households, or your total annual income is 150% less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines. If any one of these apply, then you shouldn’t have any trouble getting approved.

There are a few more potential avenues to get approved, so if you’d like to see if you qualify, all you need to do is click the button below, provide some information, and we will tell you if you qualify as soon as your application has been submitted. Getting free phone service in Kentucky has never been this easy.

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Free Phone Service Kentucky
ACP Free Phone Program

Why Are you Offering a Free Government Phone in Kentucky?

It’s a great question that a lot of folks ask because nothing these days seems to be free. However, the US Government wants to ensure that everyone in the US has access to a cell phone, cell phone service and the internet. The easiest way to accomplish this was to offer a free phone to eligible residents and include free calls, texts and broadband all in one. That’s the reason that SafetyNet Wireless can offer a government phone in Kentucky, while also providing the free cell service simultaneously to our customers. For the sake of security and safety, the Lifeline plan combined with ACP allows our customers to get incredible cell service and internet every month at no cost. To see if you qualify, please take the next 3 minutes to fill out some information and we will get you set up with your new coverage.

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Free Phone Service Kentucky Combined with ACP

Lifeline is the FCC’s permanent program to support affordable access to essential communications services such as broadband Internet access. The Affordable Connectivity Program is a new program designed to provide additional support to make broadband more affordable for struggling households. Your Lifeline and ACP benefits can be combined and applied to the same service plan or applied to different service plans.

Only Takes a Few Minutes to Apply!

Let’s get your application started. Simply click the button below to start the application. Once you have submitted your application, you’ll get an email confirmation, and you’ll get an instant notification on the status of your application. Quick and easy!
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Free Phone Service for Low Income Kentucky
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