SafetyNet Handset Hearing Aid Compatible Phones

If you wear hearing aids there are hearing aid compatible phone handsets available to you. See our list below.

Handset Hearing Aid Compatible Phones
The wireless telephone industry has developed handset hearing aid ratings to assist hearing device users in finding wireless devices that may be compatible with their hearing devices. Not all wireless devices have been rated, however, if a rating exists for the device it is displayed on the box together with other relevant approval markings.

These ratings are not guarantees. Results will vary depending on your hearing device and hearing loss. If your hearing device is vulnerable to interference you may not be able to use a rated wireless device successfully.

The following are Hearing Aid Compatible phones SafetyNet Wireless offers under its branded wireless product. Our sales staff is trained to assist all customers looking for a HAC-compliant handset.

Interested in obtaining one of these Hearing Aid Compatible phones or interested in exploring other HAC phones that we may have in stock?  Please contact Customer Service at 1-888-224-3213.

(Please note that the list below is subject to change and selection is dependent upon availability).


Alcatel 875T – M3, T4 (GSM)
Alcatel OT-606a – M3 (GSM)
Iphone 4
Kyocera E4277
Kyocera S2151
LG K330
LG LS670 – M4, T4 (CDMA)
LG VX3300 – M3 (CDMA)
LG VX5200 – M4, T4 (CDMA)
LG VX5500 – M4, T4 (CDMA)
Ojji Lite
Ojji Max
Samsung M240 – M4, T4 (CDMA)
Samsung M820
Samsung SGH-T199 – M3 (GSM)
Samsung SGH-T209 – M3 (GSM)
Samsung SGH-T219 – M3, T3 (GSM)
Samsung SGH-T239 – M3, T3 (GSM)
Samsung SGH-T379 – M3, T3 (GSM)
Samsung U350 – M4, T4 (CDMA)
Samsung U460 – M4 (CDMA)
Sanyo Katana 6750 – M4, T4 (CDMA)
Social Drive II X444
Social Storm X4
Unnecto Drone XS
Unnecto Primo – M3 (GSM)
Unnecto Quattro S4
Vortex Beat 2.0
Vortex Beat 3
Vortex Beat 8
Vortex Image
Vortex Image – M3, T3 (GSM)
Vortex Matrix
Vortex Profile – M3, T3 (GSM)
Vortex Pulse
Vortex Pulse
Vortex Qwerty
Vortex Qwerty – M3 (GSM)
Vortex Volt