California LifeLine Phone Plans

Below is a list of Lifeline service plans offered through SafetyNet Wireless for California residents.
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  • CA LifeLine Unlimited Plan
    + 4.5GB Data

  • $0
  • /month*

  • Unlimited Talk + Unlimited Text + 4.5GB
  • CA LifeLine Unlimited Plan
    + 6GB Data

  • $0
  • /month*

  • Unlimited Talk + Unlimited Text
    + 6GB Data*
  • *This plan is available after 90 days of LifeLine service with SafetyNet Wireless. Currently available as a Promotion.
  • CA LifeLine Unlimited Plan
    + 12GB Data

  • $25
  • /month*

  • Unlimited Talk + Unlimited Text
    + 12GB Data*

*With qualifying California LifeLine service

California SafetyNet Refills

  • + 1GB


  • + 2GB


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Lifeline Service Plan

Do You Qualify for California LifeLine?

You may qualify if you or another person in your household is enrolled in a public assistance programs such as Medicaid/Medi-Cal or CalFresh — or your total annual income is at or less than 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

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1 How To Qualify

SafetyNet Wireless offers federal Lifeline and California LifeLine service, which are government benefit programs that provide discounts on monthly telephone service for eligible low-income consumers. If you are currently enrolled in a government assistance program, or have a household income below a certain threshold, you may qualify for the California Lifeline or federal Lifeline benefit.


You can read more about eligibility guidelines on our How To Qualify page.

2 Applying for Lifeline in California

We currently accept in-person applications for California LifeLine service at various locations throughout California. The number of locations is expected to expand rapidly over the coming weeks.

We are not able to accept applications over the phone or on-line at this time. We hope to offer these options soon.

3 Frequently Asked Questions
Who needs to recertify?

All subscribers who originally enrolled in the Lifeline program in a year prior to the current year are required to recertify.

When can re-certification be done?

The rules have changed. Recertification must be done prior to your Lifeline anniversary date each year. And it can’t be done until you are within 150 days of that date.

How do I recertify?

To remain eligible to participate in the Lifeline program, each calendar year, all subscribers must verify that they are still eligible for the program. You may recertify by mail, or if you are in California you can recertify online.

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To make sure your Lifeline application is successful, please enter your name EXACTLY as it appears on your identification. If your name does not match your ID, your application may not be approved.