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It’s Super Easy and FREE!

Switching to SafetyNet Wireless with your existing phone number has never been simpler. Our hassle-free number porting process respects the importance of your current phone number, recognizing it as more than just digits but a crucial link to your social and professional networks. With SafetyNet Wireless, you have the flexibility to retain your number while seamlessly transitioning to our reliable services.

Our intuitive interface guides you through the entire porting procedure, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. Just follow the straightforward instructions below, and in no time, your familiar phone number will be seamlessly integrated into our network. Whether you’re changing carriers or changing your phone, keeping your number is now incredibly straightforward.

SafetyNet Wireless ensures that your unique identity remains intact, allowing you to maintain your conversations and connections without any interruptions. Bid farewell to the complications of changing numbers and say hello to uninterrupted communication. Experience the simplicity of porting your phone number to MedicaidMobile, where your number stays yours, and your connections stay strong.

Port Your Number Into SafetyNet Wireless

Step One: It’s simple. Just call 611 on your new phone and talk to a customer representative. It’s that simple.

That’s It!

Our knowledgeable staff will do the rest, and in no time the number will be attached to your new device. Porting can take minutes or even a few days, so please be patient!

Difference Between Number Porting and Call Forwarding

Number porting is typically a permanent move where a phone number is transferred to another provider, leading to the closure of the old account associated with that number. In contrast, call forwarding involves keeping the old account association but redirecting calls to another number or person.

Benefits and Advantages of Number Porting

In the past, changing telecom providers meant acquiring a new phone number, causing businesses to stick with vendors longer than desired to avoid the inconvenience of changing phone numbers across the organization.

Number porting offers the freedom to switch communication providers without the hassle of informing existing customers and clients about the change since the phone number remains the same.