SafetyNet Wireless

ACP Enrollments End February 7, 2024

URGENT! Your ACP benefits are at risk of being cut off. Tell Congress to fund the ACP program by clicking here:

On January 11, 2024, the FCC issued an Order announcing requirements and guidance for the wind-down of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) due to a lack of additional funding from Congress. Funding for the program is anticipated to run through April 2024.

Announcement Details

Notice to Providers: The Order requires providers to send notices to their enrolled households about the end of the program and sets the last day of enrollments into the ACP.

SafetyNet Wireless: SafetyNet Wireless has been serving low-income families for 2 decades. We will continue to serve you through this time and look for ways to keep you connected. Some companies may not be able to continue forward; we invite you to stay with SafetyNet Wireless.

Impact on Recipients

If You Are an ACP Recipient: The subsidy will be lost by April 2024 based on the FCC’s calculations. You will need to decide on payment for services as a prepaid or other option that will best accommodate your needs.

If You Are a Lifeline Customer: Your Lifeline services will continue as expected and will not be impacted. Customers may want to review eligibility for Lifeline to apply additional discounts to prepaid plans where available. If no action is taken, at the end of the subsidy month, services may be disconnected.

What Can You Do Today

Need for Funding: While politicians have not decided to fund the program, reach out and let your voice be heard. ACP benefits over 22 million households with services and supports over 10,000 jobs for American families. The subsidy impacts the community in many different ways. You can send your elected official an email notification to tell them you desire the program to be funded.

Help Save ACP: Text “ACP” to 321-329-1650 to receive a link to let your voice be heard. ACP benefits depend on you.