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About Lifeline Recertification

Lifeline subscribers are required to recertify their eligibility annually. You will receive a letter via U.S. mail 90 days before your Lifeline service anniversary date. It will include your Application ID, which you will need to complete your recertification. The fastest and easiest way to recertify is by phone. Simply call the Lifeline administrator at 1 (855) 359-4299 and follow the prompts.

Don’t have your Application ID?

For help obtaining your Application ID, you may call the Lifeline Support Center at (800) 234-9473. Their support line is available in Spanish and English 7 days a week from 9am – 9pm ET. They can help you if you are unsure if it is your time to recertify, or if you need to check the status of your Lifeline Recertification.

Recertify By Phone Call for Application ID

Lifeline Recertification Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don’t recertify? When can I recertify my Lifeline service? We have answers to your Lifeline Recertification frequently asked questions.

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1 What happens if I don't recertify?

Subscribers who don’t complete their annual recertification will be de-enrolled from Lifeline and will no longer receive the Lifeline benefit. You must recertify within the 60-day window ending approximately 20-28 days prior to your service anniversary date.

2 When can I recertify my Lifeline service?

The rules have changed. Recertification must be done prior to your Lifeline anniversary date each year. If you are unsure whether you are in your recertification window, please contact the Lifeline Administrator at 1 (800) 234-9473.

3 What is the fastest way to recertify?

The fastest way to recertify your Lifeline eligibility is by phone. It only takes 10 minutes and you get immediate confirmation of whether or not your recertification was successful.

You may also recertify online and by mail. Similar to phone recertification, online recertification provides immediate confirmation, however this process is longer (may take up to 30 minutes). No immediate confirmation is provided for mailed recertification forms.

4 How do I recertify by mail?

Fill out the form included in the envelope that was mailed to you and send it to:

Lifeline Support Center, PO Box 7081, London, KY 40742.

Don’t see your question here? Email [email protected].

Ready to recertify? Call 1-855-359-4299 to continue your Lifeline service!

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