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California Terms and Conditions

Please read these SafetyNet Wireless Terms and Conditions of Service carefully. These SafetyNet Wireless Terms and Conditions of Service are a legally binding agreement between you and SafetyNet Wireless. They contain important information about your legal rights and require that certain disputes be resolved through Arbitration instead of a court trial. SafetyNet Wireless reserves the right to change or modify any of these SafetyNet Wireless Terms and Conditions of Service at any time and at its sole discretion. Any changes or modifications to these SafetyNet Wireless Terms and Conditions of Service will be binding upon you once posted on the SafetyNet Wireless website at You should check the SafetyNet Wireless website regularly for updates to these terms.

By enrolling in the California LifeLine program, offered through SafetyNet Wireless (hereafter referred to as the “SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine Service”) and by using the service, you (“You”), the participant, acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:


SafetyNet Wireless offers federal Lifeline and California LifeLine service, which is a government benefit program that provides discounts on monthly telephone service for eligible low-income consumers. Federal Lifeline is supported by the federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) and California LifeLine is supported by the California Universal Service Fund (CUSF). In order to qualify for enrollment in the California LifeLine program, a person must meet certain eligibility requirements established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). These requirements are based on a person’s participation in a state or federal support program(s) or by meeting certain income requirements based upon the Income Poverty Guidelines as defined by the US Government. California LifeLine eligibility requirements can be found online at the following web addresses: Federal law limits the availability of the SafetyNet Wireless Program. The California LifeLine program allows only one (1) enrollment per “household”. A household is defined as any individual or group of individuals who are living together as an economic unit. The California LifeLine benefit is limited to one-per-household. Therefore, in order to be eligible, no person currently living in the household may receive California LifeLine benefits from any other California LifeLine service provider. Applicants for the California LifeLine program must complete an application form, provide supporting documentation that they meet the eligibility requirements and certify, under penalty of perjury, that they:

  • Are eligible for and currently receive benefits from the public assistance program(s) identified in the application form.
  • Do not currently receive LifeLine support for a telephone line serving their residential address and no other resident in their household participates in the LifeLine program. If the applicant is already receiving a LifeLine discount from another provider, then the applicant agrees to cancel their current household Lifeline support provider in order to enroll in the SafetyNet Wireless LifeLine Service.
  • Are not claimed as a dependent on another person’s federal or state income tax return.
  • Will notify SafetyNet Wireless by calling 1-888-224-3213 if and when they no longer qualify for any of the public assistance programs identified in their application form.
  • Will notify SafetyNet Wireless of any change of address by calling 1-888-224-3213.
  • Reviewed the information contained in their application and it is true and correct to the best of their knowledge and belief.

Applicants who qualify to receive SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine Service will be offered a free cellular phone handset provided by SafetyNet Wireless, a voice-grade connection, together with a free allotment of airtime minutes or discounted service each month for up to one year. Free handsets provided by SafetyNet Wireless may be refurbished and will be capable of texting as well as making voice calls. Free handsets will be data capable; however, customers may purchase and upgrade to a different handset. The free refurbished handsets provided by SafetyNet Wireless are industry standard grade “A/B”. Where available, SafetyNet Wireless will rely on the California LifeLine Administrator to determine whether or not an applicant meets the eligibility requirements to receive SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine Service. For states where an eligibility database is not available, SafetyNet Wireless will determine if the applicant meets eligibility requirements.

Applicants who do not meet the eligibility requirements will be told the reason for their non-eligibility if applying in person or, via US Mail. Upon enrollment in the SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine Service, you will be qualified to participate for up to one (1) year. To continue your enrollment in the SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine Service after the initial year, you must verify annually that you remain qualified for continued enrollment to receive SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine Service as required by the FCC and CPUC. SafetyNet Wireless will also conduct verification drives in accordance with CPUC rules. If it is determined during a verification drive, or at any other time, that a customer fails to continue to qualify for the SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine Service, such customer will immediately be deemed ineligible to receive SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine Service, will be de-enrolled from the SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine Service and will no longer receive the free or discounted service. SafetyNet Wireless Customers who are no longer eligible (for any reason) for enrollment in the SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine Service must immediately notify SafetyNet Wireless that they no longer meet the eligibility requirements for enrollment. To avoid being disconnected the customer may elect to purchase the SafetyNet Transitional LifeLine rate plan which offers the customer a onetime (30 day) discount off of the SafetyNet retail rate, after 30 days the customer must prepay the regular retail rate in order to continue service. If the customer does not elect to purchase the Transitional LifeLine rate plan they will be disconnected. A SafetyNet Wireless customer’s enrollment may also be canceled upon the request of a state and/or federal authority.

SafetyNet Wireless reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of any customer and/or permanently deactivate any customer’s SafetyNet Wireless mobile handset device for fraud, misrepresentation or other misconduct as determined solely by SafetyNet Wireless. While participating in the SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine Service, a customer shall not be permitted to sell, rent, give away or in any way allow another person to use the cellular phone or SafetyNet Wireless Service provided to him/her. IT IS A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL AND STATE LAW TO SELL OR GIVE AWAY THE SafetyNet Wireless CELLULAR PHONE OR SafetyNet Wireless SERVICE PROVIDED TO YOU. Any violation of this prohibition will be reported to the appropriate legal authorities for prosecution. If you have any questions, concerns, comments or complaints regarding the SafetyNet Wireless Program or Service, offerings or products, please call SafetyNet Wireless Customer Care at 1-888-224-3213. You may also contact the California Public Utilities Commission.


Upon enrollment in the SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine Service, you will receive a SafetyNet Wireless mobile handset device, either in person at the time of enrollment or delivered to the home address noted in the application. To activate your account, you must use the handset to contact SafetyNet Wireless’ customer service department. You must accept the telephone number assigned to your SafetyNet Wireless mobile handset device at the time of activation and you will acquire no proprietary interest in any number assigned to you. The wireless telecommunications networks used to transmit calls for the SafetyNet Wireless Service are owned and operated by various licensed commercial mobile radio service providers (“Carriers”), not SafetyNet Wireless. The number assigned to your SafetyNet Wireless mobile handset device at the time of activation will not be changed for any reason unless required by a Carrier or if the number is lost following the deactivation of your phone. You may NOT select a number to be assigned to your SafetyNet Wireless mobile handset device. However, SafetyNet Wireless will take all steps necessary to initiate or allow a port-in or port-out, subject to a valid port request, without unreasonable delay or unreasonable procedures that have the effect of delaying or denying porting of the number. Your SafetyNet Wireless mobile handset device can only be used through SafetyNet Wireless and cannot be activated with any other wireless or cellular service (except according to the SafetyNet Wireless Unlocking Policy described herein (though even if unlocked, handsets may not be compatible with all carrier networks).

SafetyNet Wireless Services are provided at SafetyNet Wireless’ discretion. Some functions and features referenced in the Manufacturer’s manual provided with your SafetyNet Wireless mobile handset device may not be available on your SafetyNet Wireless mobile handset device. SafetyNet Wireless may modify or cancel any SafetyNet Wireless Service or take corrective action at any time without prior notice and for any reason, including but not limited to your violation of these terms and conditions of service.

Each plan is subject to a non-recurring $39.00 activation fee when initiating service with the Company or changing service from another provider to the Company. The one-time fee will be charged to the customer’s account at activation; however, if the customer is approved for California LifeLine and is either (a) establishing California LifeLine service for the first time, or (b) switching from another California LifeLine service provider, whether wireline or wireless, the California LifeLine participant will receive a $39.00 discount. The California LifeLine fund will pay for no more than two connection/activation fees per household per year (whether with the Company or any other wireless service provider) pursuant to D. 17-01-032. SafetyNet Wireless (not the customer) will be responsible for any California LifeLine participant’s activation fee that is not eligible for reimbursement from the LifeLine fund.


SafetyNet Wireless airtime is issued in minute (or unit) increments. Units are deducted from the SafetyNet Wireless phone plan at a rate of one (1) unit per minute or partial minute of use. There is no additional charge for nationwide long distance.

SafetyNet Wireless customers will receive a monthly allotment of airtime minutes as per their package selected. You may use your monthly allotment of airtime minutes to place or receive calls or to send or read text messages. Airtime minutes will be deducted for all time during which your SafetyNet Wireless phone is connected to or is using the wireless system of any Carrier. Use of a wireless system typically begins when you press the “send,” “call” or other key to initiate or answer a call and does not end until you press the “end” key or the call is otherwise terminated. Airtime minutes are deducted for all incoming and outgoing calls, including incoming call waiting calls, simultaneous calls, calls to toll free numbers (800, 888, 877, 866, 855, etc.), 411, and to access your voicemail. Airtime minutes are not deducted for calls to SafetyNet Wireless customer service by dialing 1-888-224-3213 or 611 from your SafetyNet Wireless handset. For simultaneous calls, such as incoming call waiting and 3-way calling (where available) airtime minutes will be deducted for each call. Airtime minutes are not deducted for calls to 911, and all handsets will be able to call 911 even if they have no airtime remaining. For outbound calls, you may be charged airtime for incomplete and/or busy-no answer calls. No credit or refund is given for dropped calls.

Unlimited Usage Policy: UNLIMITED USE DOES NOT MEAN UNREASONABLE USE. To ensure that all customers have access to reliable services provided at a reasonable cost, you may not use our service in a manner that interferes with another SafetyNet Wireless customer’s use of our service or disproportionately impacts SafetyNet Wireless’ network resources. SafetyNet Wireless reserves the right, without notice or limitation, to terminate individual calls, or, after providing notice to you, offer you a different service plan with no unlimited usage components, or deny, terminate, end, modify, disconnect or suspend your service, or decline to renew your service, if you engage in any of the prohibited voice uses detailed below or if SafetyNet Wireless, in its sole discretion, determines action is necessary to protect its wireless networks from harm or degradation.

Examples of Prohibited Voice Uses: SafetyNet Wireless voice services are provided solely for live dialogue between, and initiated by, two individuals for personal use & as otherwise described in this policy. SafetyNet Wireless voice services may not be used for any commercial or other similar purposes including, but not limited to, (1) conference calling; (2), monitoring services; (3), data transmissions; (4), transmission of broadcasts; (5) transmission of recorded material; (6) interconnection to other networks; (7) telemarketing; (8) autodialed calls; (9) other commercial uses; or other connections that do not consist of uninterrupted live dialogue between two individuals.

Data: Data coverage services are not available everywhere. 3G data coverage is available on our networks but may be limited by your device’s capabilities. 4G Devices and services may not be supported in all areas.

SafetyNet provides broadband service at speeds that meet or exceed the FCC’s mobile broadband minimum service standards, but reserves the right to reduce download speeds when necessary while still complying with FCC standards.

DATA SPEEDS ARE NOT GUARANTEED. SafetyNet Wireless does not guarantee the speeds of the data services it provides. Data speeds are dependent on many factors including reception, tower traffic, your device’s capabilities, and other factors. SafetyNet Wireless reserves the right to prioritize your data behind other SafetyNet Wireless customers during periods of network congestion or high individual daily usage by throttling your data speed. Reduced speeds and increased latency may cause web sites to load more slowly or affect the performance of data-heavy activities such as video streaming or interactive gaming. Additional scenarios that vary data speeds and performance may exist in accordance with Spring and T-Mobile’s network management practices.

Rate Plans: see SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine “Plans Chart” and “Schedule of Rates” and current promotions, also available at


SafetyNet Wireless will notify you via text message when you are approaching the end of your minutes, text message, or data usage. For California customers, you will receive a text message notifying you when you have 20 MB data remaining.

You may add usage to your account at any time by purchasing one of the top-up plans we have available. You can purchase additional usage using your credit or debit card at our website or, over the phone by calling our customer service department. You can reach customer service by dialing the number given to you when you enrolled or by dialing 611. Additional usage rates are listed on the SafetyNet Wireless California LifeLine “Plans Chart” and “Schedule of Rates”, also available at


You may use your monthly allotment of minutes to send and/or open text messages. Text messages sent to you by SafetyNet Wireless are free of charge. The charge to send or open an incoming text message using your SafetyNet Wireless service will be as defined in the plan you have chosen. If you have exhausted your monthly allotment of minutes, you will need to purchase and redeem additional airtime minutes in order to continue to send text messages and open incoming text messages and to place and receive voice calls. If you do not want minutes deducted from your SafetyNet Wireless phone for text messaging, then do not send text messages or open incoming text messages. Please note that SafetyNet Wireless does not generally participate in Premium SMS services or campaigns. Premium SMS refers to text messages that are sent to a designated “short code” or buying or attempting to buy SMS services from anyone other than SafetyNet Wireless. Premium SMS campaigns include activities such as casting a vote, expressing your opinion, playing a game, subscribing to a service, or interactive television programs. You should not attempt to participate in Premium SMS campaigns unless it is a SafetyNet Wireless authorized campaign. Any text message you send to a “short code” will in all likelihood not go through. Any charges you may incur as a result of any attempts to participate in Premium SMS services or campaigns not authorized by SafetyNet Wireless are not refundable whether you incur charges as deductions from your SafetyNet Wireless phone or from your credit card.


If your service is deactivated, you may reactivate your service by re-enrolling in the SafetyNet Wireless Program (if eligible and approved by the California Lifeline Administrator). Upon reactivation of your phone, you may be assigned a new telephone number. If your phone remains inactive or unused for more than 45 days, you will lose any remaining airtime and your Lifeline account will be disconnected on day 46.

To prevent any interruption in your California LifeLine phone service, please keep your handset service active by demonstrating usage every 30 days through one of the following means: (i) Completion of an outbound call or usage of data; (ii) Purchase of minutes or data from SafetyNet Wireless to add to your Service plan; (iii) Answering an incoming call from a party other than SafetyNet Wireless or a SafetyNet Wireless agent or representative; (iv) Responding to direct contact from SafetyNet Wireless and confirming that you want to continue receiving California LifeLine Service; or (v) Sending a text message. You will also need to complete your annual re-certification as required by the California LifeLine Program before your Service End Date.


You are entitled to a voice-grade connection. You may terminate your service without penalty at any time by notifying SafetyNet Wireless and returning your handset to us. Any applicable service connection charges and deposits will be refunded if you terminate service within three days of service activation, not including national holidays. You agree not to give away, resell or offer to resell the SafetyNet Wireless Phone or Service provided by the SafetyNet Wireless Program. You also agree your SafetyNet Wireless Phone will not be used for any other purpose that is not allowed by this agreement or that is illegal. WE CAN, WITHOUT NOTICE, LIMIT, SUSPEND, OR END YOUR SERVICE AND DE-ENROLL YOU FROM THE SafetyNet Wireless Program FOR VIOLATING THIS PROVISION OR FOR ANY OTHER GOOD CAUSE, including, but not limited to, if You: (a) violate any of the terms and conditions of service; (b) lie to or attempt to defraud SafetyNet Wireless; (c) allow anyone to tamper with your SafetyNet Wireless device; (d) threaten or commit violence against any SafetyNet Wireless employees or customer service representatives; (e) use vulgar and/or inappropriate language when interacting with SafetyNet Wireless representatives; (f) steal from us; (g) harass our representatives; (h) interfere with our operations; (i) engage in abusive messaging, emailing or calling; (j) modify your device from its manufacturer’s specifications; or (k) use the service in a way that adversely affects our network or the service available to our other customers. We reserve the right to, without notice, limit, suspend or disconnect your service for any other operational or governmental reason. In addition to permanently terminating your service, criminal offenses (i.e., selling or giving away your service; threatening violence, etc.) will be reported to the appropriate legal authorities for prosecution.

If you selected the rate plan that requires prepayment (the “Prepayment”) towards your service and provides you with an upgraded device, and you request to cancel service prior to receiving 12 consecutive months of service, you will be charged an “Early Termination Fee” and any remaining account credit associated with the Prepayment will be applied to your outstanding account balance. As long as you remain on the plan, the Prepayment will be applied towards the monthly plan fee and any applicable taxes and fees, but cannot be used for devices, accessories, or top–ups/refills.


The SafetyNet Wireless device is provided exclusively for use by you, the end consumer with the SafetyNet Wireless Service available solely in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Any other use of your SafetyNet Wireless handset, including without limitation, any resale, unlocking and/or re-flashing of the handset is unauthorized and constitutes a violation of your agreement with SafetyNet Wireless. You agree not to (i) unlock, re-flash, tamper with or alter your SafetyNet Wireless phone or its software, (ii) enter unauthorized PIN’s, (iii) engage in any other unauthorized or illegal use of your SafetyNet Wireless phone or the Service, or assist others in such acts, (iv) sell and/or export SafetyNet Wireless handsets outside of the United States. These acts violate SafetyNet Wireless’ rights and state and federal laws. Improper, illegal or unauthorized use of your SafetyNet Wireless device is a violation of this agreement and may result in immediate discontinuance of Services and legal action against you. SafetyNet Wireless will prosecute violators to the full extent of the law.

SafetyNet Wireless Unlocking Policy

SafetyNet Wireless reserves the right to lock any devices on its network at any time. A customer may request unlocking in accordance with the unlocking policies noted below.

  1. Prepaid LifeLine Unlocking Policy. SafetyNet, upon request, will unlock prepaid LifeLine mobile wireless devices no later than one year after initial activation, consistent with reasonable time, payment or usage requirements.
  2. Notice. SafetyNet will clearly notify customers that their devices are eligible for unlocking at the time when their devices are eligible for unlocking or automatically unlock devices remotely when devices are eligible for unlocking, without additional fees. SafetyNet reserves the right to charge non-customers/non-former customers with a reasonable fee for unlocking requests. Notice to prepaid LifeLine customers will occur through a clear and concise statement of policy on the SafetyNet website.
  3. Response Time. Within two business days after receiving a request, SafetyNet will unlock eligible mobile wireless devices or initiate a request to the OEM to unlock the eligible device or provide an explanation of why the device does not qualify for unlocking, or why SafetyNet reasonably needs additional time to process the request.
  4. Deployed Personnel Unlocking Policy. SafetyNet will unlock mobile wireless devices for deployed military personnel who are customers in good standing upon provision of deployment papers.

SafetyNet reserves the right to decline an unlock request if SafetyNet has a reasonable basis to believe the request is fraudulent or the device is stolen


“Roaming” occurs when a subscriber of one wireless service provider uses the facilities of another wireless service provider. Roaming most often occurs when you make and receive calls outside of the network coverage area of your service provider. When your SafetyNet Wireless phone is roaming, an indicator light on your handset may display the word “Roam” or “RM” on the screen while the phone is not in use. Your SafetyNet Wireless phone does not allow roaming. You will not be able to make or receive calls while roaming.

Coverage maps showing where SafetyNet Wireless service is generally available can be found on our website – These maps depict approximate domestic coverage and roaming coverage applicable to our service plans. These maps are generated using generally accepted methodologies and standards to depict outdoor coverage. All maps will contain or link to an appropriate legend concerning the limitations and/or variations in wireless coverage and map usage, including any geographic limitations on the availability of any services included in your plan, including roaming. These maps will be periodically updated as necessary to keep them reasonably current.


The types of fees or charges that you may incur depend on your service plan and the services or features used. LifeLine plans are free for the allotted number of plan minutes and do not incur fees or charges for use as intended. Although most operator services are blocked on our prepaid plans, you will be responsible for any charges that are incurred from such services. Since all services are prepaid, you will be required to pay in advance of receiving additional services or products such as additional minutes or a replacement handset.


SafetyNet Wireless handsets are designed to be activated on our networks and in other coverage areas that we may make available to you. Even if unlocked, it may not accept wireless service from another carrier. Service is subject to transmission limitations caused by certain equipment and compatibility issues, atmospheric, topographical and other conditions, as well as proximity. Service can only be available when in range of a transmission source, which you should be aware of when leaving your home area. Service is dependent on radio towers which require electricity to operate and could become non-functional in the event of a power outage if backup power is not available or runs out. Further, service may be temporarily refused, limited, interrupted or curtailed due to system capacity limitations, technology migration or limitations imposed by the Carrier, or because of equipment modifications, upgrades, repairs or relocations or other similar activities necessary or proper for the operation or improvement of the Carrier’s radio telephone system. At any time, SafetyNet Wireless reserves the right to substitute and/or replace any SafetyNet COMMUNICATION SE equipment with other SafetyNet Wireless equipment including devices of comparable quality. Some functions and features referenced in the Manufacturer’s manual for a particular SafetyNet Wireless handset may not be available on your phone. SafetyNet Wireless does not warrant or guarantee availability of network or of any Services at any specific time or geographic location or that the Services will be provided without interruption. Neither SafetyNet Wireless, nor any Carrier, shall have any liability for service failures, outages or limitations of Service. Because of the risk of being struck by lightning, you should not use your SafetyNet Wireless phone outside during a lightning storm. You should also unplug the SafetyNet Wireless phone power cord and charger to avoid electrical shock and/or fire during a lightning storm.


Warranty Exchange Policy: SafetyNet Wireless customers shall have up to 60 days from the activation date of their device to return any defective phone to SafetyNet Wireless. SafetyNet Wireless will exchange a defective device for a new or refurbished device, at SafetyNet Wireless’ discretion, during this period of time only. For a defective device replacement, call SafetyNet Wireless Customer Service at 1-888-224-3213.

Exclusions and Conditions: This limited warranty does not cover damage or failure caused by abuse or misuse of the device or accessories. Your limited warranty excludes all direct, indirect, incidental and/or consequential damages, unless otherwise provided by law. A replacement phone can be purchased by sending a $35 Money Order to SafetyNet Wireless, 100 Main Street, Suite 304, Safety Harbor, FL 34695. Please clearly print your name and cellular phone number on the Money Order. The replacement phone will be replaced at SafetyNet Wireless’ discretion. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.




Any hearing, visual or speech impaired persons interested in applying for a specially equipped SafetyNet Wireless device must call SafetyNet Wireless at 1-888-224-3213 and specify the need(s) to an agent. SafetyNet Wireless will make every effort to assist such customer in obtaining a device that complies with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.


SafetyNet Wireless customers have access to 911. Your handset will be able to place calls to 911 even if you have no minutes available. It is advised, by Public Safety Officials, that you should be prepared to provide information about your location when making a 911 or another emergency call. Wireless service, unlike landline phones, uses less reliable methods to place calls and to determine your phone number and location. Network coverage can be adversely affected by weather, structures, buildings, geography, etc. Because of these factors, emergency operators may not be able to determine your location or your phone number, or, you may not be able to complete a call at all. Occasionally, callers may attempt to call 911 in areas where there is no wireless coverage. If there is no wireless coverage, your call to 911 may not go through and you should dial 911 from the nearest landline phone. Enhanced 911 service, also known as E911, relies on GPS technology to obtain location information. This service is dependent on a number of factors such as the abilities of the local emergency authorities, GPS ability of your phone, whether your GPS enabled handset has GPS turned on, and your phones ability to obtain a GPS Satellite signal which can be impaired by being indoors, weather, etc. Even when available, E911 does not always provide accurate location information.


SafetyNet Wireless is not liable to you for any direct or indirect, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages of any kind, including lost profits (regardless of whether it has been notified such loss may occur) by reason of any act or omission in its provision of equipment and/or Services. SafetyNet Wireless will not be liable for any act or omission of any other company furnishing a part of our Services or any equipment or for any damages that result from any service or equipment provided by or manufactured by third parties. When your SafetyNet Wireless device is returned to SafetyNet Wireless for any reason, SafetyNet Wireless is not responsible and shall not be liable to you or anyone else for any personal information such as user names, passwords, contacts, pictures, SMS, MMS and/or additional downloads you may have stored on your device or which may remain on your phone.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless SafetyNet Wireless from any and all liabilities, penalties, claims, causes of action, and demands brought by third parties (including the costs, expenses, and attorneys’ fees on account thereof) resulting from your use of a SafetyNet Wireless device and/or use of the SafetyNet Wireless Services, whether based in contract or tort (including strict liability) and regardless of the form of action.


This Agreement shall be construed under the laws of Georgia, without regard to its choice of law rules, except for the arbitration provision contained in these Terms and Conditions, which will be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act. This governing law provision applies no matter where you reside, or where you use or pay for the Services.

You maintain your right to file a complaint with the state Public Service Commission regarding the service provided and/or charges imposed by SafetyNet Wireless. Nothing in this paragraph or this Agreement in any way eliminates or abridges that right.

Unresolved questions or complaints regarding LifeLine services may be directed to the following state agency – California Public Utilities Commission.


SafetyNet Wireless will not share your information with any other Company. SafetyNet Wireless will take appropriate steps to protect the information you share with us from unauthorized access or disclosure.


The California LifeLine Program (“California LifeLine”) has the following limitation(s) on consumers requesting the California LifeLine discounts for phone services.

30-Day Waiting Period for an Enrollment    Request for the California LifeLine Discounts for Cell Phone Service (“Enrollment Freeze”)

When a consumer submits an enrollment request to receive the California LifeLine discounts for cell phone service the consumer has to wait up to 30 days to submit another enrollment request. A consumer CANNOT have multiple enrollment requests for the California LifeLine discounts for cell phone service going at the same time. The 30-day waiting period ends when either (1) the California LifeLine Administrator sends the final eligibility decision, (2) the enrollment request is canceled, or (3) the 30 days have passed since the enrollment request, whichever occurs first. After the 30-day clock stops, a consumer may then submit another enrollment request for the California LifeLine discounts for cell phone service, as applicable. A consumer can independently cancel an enrollment request by contacting the California LifeLine Administrator by phone at 877-858-7463 or going to Check Your Status at The cell phone company can also cancel an enrollment request.


SafetyNet Wireless will implement ongoing and continuous customer outreach to ensure its customers are aware of applicable consumer protection measures adopted by D.19-08-025 both before and during emergency/disaster situations. SafetyNet Wireless will publish information on describing the applicable consumer protection measures and will direct customers to the website either upon its anticipated launch in early 2020 (for existing customers) or upon enrollment (for new customers), whichever comes first, and at least annually thereafter. Such outreach will be communicated in English, Spanish, Chinese (including Cantonese and Mandarin), Tagalog, and Vietnamese, (as well as Korean and Russian where these languages are prevalent within the Company’s service territories) and will also be communicated in accessible formats for customers with disabilities impacting their ability to use standard forms of communication. In addition, SafetyNet Wireless may undertake other appropriate efforts to notify and advise customers of its relief measures, particularly when emergencies occur.